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Speaking the Language


Natural Hair




I've been loving hair for almost 40 years and I am excited to connect with you. I bring together skilled cutting, organic henna haircolor, healthy energetic support, and a loving heart. I work with people of all kinds of abilities and am able to come to you if you live in and around the Davis area.

I approach hair and life from an energetic, artistic, and organic point of view. 'Natural' is my passion and has shaped my Being throughout my life. I love working with the natural movement of hair, the natural earth pigments like henna, and your natural and unique energetic tone to create a beautiful and harmonious expression that feels good inside and out. Each of you have a special beauty all your own and I see you. What a delight!

During our time together, I sometimes combine our hair work with some natural balancing of your energy to create a grounded and uplifted feeling of co-resonance. Other times, I am deep listening and witness of your beautiful self.  Always I am holding a loving heart for your highest well-being.


I am now working in two locations: Berkeley and mobile in the greater Davis area.

Berkeley: Please come visit me on Sundays in a wonderful north Berkeley neighborhood on Hopkins St. You may use the self-schedule page to book your appointment.

Davis area: I am now doing mobile haircuts and henna for Davis and areas within 30 minutes of Davis (Woodland, Winters, Dixon, and parts of Sacramento) Thursday-Saturday. I honor people with any ability, including those that are tuck away inside for one reason or another. Please email me to inquire and set up an appointment.

I look forward to having some  meaningful and genuine connection while we spruce your hair and spirit into its beautiful and natural flow.

I look forward to seeing you soon!



"Best haircut of my life! Jenn was just so thoughtful and in tune with my hair needs. She took the time and care to understand what would make me happy and made it happen. Never would have thought I'd have such a spiritual experience with hair. Her salon is also beautiful and calming. I felt like I had a mini retreat." 

Betty T

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