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The field is fiery and charged, but with so much exhilarating movement!

Its been intense and everyone has had there own version of restriction, dismantle, or transition whether internal, external, or both! Never the less, there is a sweet smooth and uplifting energy very recently that underlies everything and is breathing fresh air and movement into the stale density that has increased these last few years. We are in for some bumps as the rest of this year is supposed to be a "crescendo". Are you ready?

Key words to keep at the forefront would be self-care, nimbleness, open-mindedness, and a loving heart. These will get us through whatever tsunami is about to unfold. I ran across a post today that was a VERY good skill to hone right now:

"Before you respond to someone, remember your response is also an agreement to establish an energy connection with them that may change your energy field and vibrational frequency."

A very good reminder to take extra care to be conscious of what you are choosing to engage with, especially if there will be a lot of challenge ahead.

I always enjoy the grounding energy of Sharon Martin at Inner sanctum NZ.

Until next time,

I wish you a beautiful journey as we walk our paths side by side.



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